About Us

Chair: Joy N. Henderson

Joy Henderson is a mother of three and Child and Youth Care Practitioner. Her area of specialty is working with under resourced youth in the Scarborough area. She has been living in Scarborough Centre for 20 years. She is also a student focusing on focusing on minimizing colonial and settler harm to Indigenous youth in Child and Youth Care practice. 

In alphabetical order: 

Vice Chair: Beyhan Farhadi

Beyhan Farhadi grew up and formerly taught in Scarborough North. She is a mother of two children in the TDSB, Scarborough Rouge-Park, and a secondary teacher in North York. Beyhan recently completed her PhD in the department of geography and planning at the University of Toronto. Her research examines the effectiveness of e-learning in Toronto secondary schools.  

Vice Chair: Austin Jafri

Austin Jafri was born and raised in Malvern for over twenty years, in a low-income household. He is a secondary school teacher candidate currently pursuing his French bED at York University. He has recently graduated with a BA specialized Honors in French Studies and a Certificate of Bilingual Excellence, as a member of the Dean’s Honor Roll. He ran an after school French Homework Club at Malvern and Don Mills libraries for 4 years and has 4 years of classroom volunteer experience. Having a world class public education helped him achieve his goals and break the barriers to poverty. Having the supports in place throughout his time in the TDSB helped him pursue his passions, get involved, take advanced placement and win scholarships to University. He is very grateful for his experience in the public school system which helped him become the first in his family to graduate from university. He is fully bilingual and a strong advocate of French Immersion and Extended programs. Since he was 9 years old, he has always been consistent with his life mission and passion: to teach students French and to help them achieve their goals! 

Vice Chair: Kat Wrobel

Kat is a mother of two small humans.